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Never Contacted YouTube Or Local Authorities

The FBI admitted this week that it failed to correctly investigate more than one warnings about suspected Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, along with fumbling and failing to comply with up on two-pointers detailing his worrying conduct on social media.

In a closed meeting with Congress on Tuesday, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich mentioned how sellers ignored “a couple of opportunities” to intrude before taking pictures at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after numerous people called the bureau’s tip line to file issues about Cruz’s violent conduct and threatening remarks.

As BuzzFeed News first suggested, a YouTube vlogger from Mississippi two times alerted the FBI in September 2017, approximately a comment a person named “Nikolas Cruz” left on one in all his movies, mentioning, “I’m going to be a professional faculty shooter.”

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The net tip turned into despatched to the FBI workplace in Mississippi, Bowdich informed the House Judiciary Committee participants. Agents interviewed the tipster about the remark and conducted social media searches. Still, the bureau closed the case a month later as it couldn’t locate “non-public identifiable records on the person who published the threatening comment,” according to a summary of the briefing launched with the aid of the committee Wednesday.

The FBI did now not touch YouTube and ask for the assist, Bowdich said. This is the first time that the bureau has admitted it did not contact the video-sharing platform approximately Cruz’s account.

In January 2018, a friend of the Cruz circle of relatives known as the FBI tip line record the 19-year-antique’s “troubling behavior and demanding social media posts,” in keeping with the committee’s summary. Although the girl supplied enough facts to warrant an FBI research, the organization working on the line did “not ask any preferred investigative questions for the duration of the call,” the precis noted.

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In one of the greater alarming revelations, Bowdich stated the FBI name taker “changed into capable of join statistics about Nikolas Cruz to the September 2017 tip about the threatening YouTube comment.”

The employee spoke with a manager about the decision and the subsequent connection, but they nevertheless decided to pursue the tip further and closed the case.

Their communication touching on the decision and their choice was in no way documented, Bowdich said. And regardless of more than one possibility, the FBI “did no longer percentage facts with the kingdom and nearby authorities” approximately Cruz.

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The summary stated that contributors of the House Judiciary and House Oversight and Government Reform committees would evaluate the FBI’s very last file on its handling of the alleged Parkland shooter, as well as keep in mind whether or not information sharing among federal, state, and neighborhood law enforcement can be advanced to decorate public protection.

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