Lenovo Y Mechanical Gaming Keyboard evaluation — huge and no longer Very ambitious

With so many laptop gaming peripherals on the market, a manufacturer has the most effective feasible options: Be outstanding, or be cheap. The Lenovo Y Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($one hundred twenty) is neither. Even as this is hardly the worst accent obtainable, it is tough to consider a compelling reason to choose one up. accurate-enough mechanical keys and distinctly decent macro functions improve the keyboard. However, needless light options, restricted software, and a faulty layout drag it proper backtrack again. As a p.c.-in keyboard, the Lenovo Y is good enough; as a stand-on my own accessory, it’s not really worth it.


Lenovo Y Mechanical Gaming Keyboard evaluation — huge and no longer Very ambitious 1
No longer each keyboard has to play by the rules, but if you’re going to break them, smash them for a motive. The Lenovo Y features a bizarre triangular design that wastes a variety of areas. No longer simplest is the keyboard unattractive and susceptible to take in some room for your desk. However, it additionally fails to apply the layout for whatever modern. All the buttons are within the ordinary spots, and the wrist rest is non-obligatory.

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At 20.8 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches, the keyboard is a lot larger than trendy  competition from Corsair, Razer, and Logitech, which tend 17- or 18-inch profiles. All the keys have obnoxious purple backlights in keeping with the Lenovo Y’s line of gaming gear. If the rest of your gaming setup is crimson, wonderful; if now not, it’s probable higher to turn those lighting fixtures off. As I really like purple, it’s not the maximum neutral color to pair with many gaming stations.


Lenovo Y Mechanical Gaming Keyboard evaluation — huge and no longer Very ambitious 2
Mechanical keys are nearly constantly preferable to membrane keys, and that holds authentic for the Lenovo Y. The gadget uses Kailh-emblem pink switches, which mimic industry-wellknown Cherry MX keys in a very good-enough-for-authorities-paintings type of way. I haven’t any fundamental objection to the Kailh switches, which are quiet and now not too resistant. They experience a bit stiffer than authentic Cherry keys, and there are no Brown or Blue alternatives. However, these keys are some distance from the worst imitations accessible.

They may also be flawlessly appropriate for typing. When hammering out a spread of “Aesop’s Fables” on, I scored 118 words according to the minute with seven errors on a Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum, versus 117 words consistent with minute with eight errors at the Lenovo Y. this is a negligible distinction, especially considering that I would use the Lenovo Y for some hours and the Logitech for months.

The Lenovo Y functions a weird triangular design that wastes some

Lenovo Y Mechanical Gaming Keyboard evaluation — huge and no longer Very ambitious 3
The Lenovo Y sports a generous collection of more keys as properly. There are discrete media controls on the upper right, even though these are simply preferred squares rather than the modern circles and rockers that Corsair and Logitech use. The top left features a button for recording macros, in addition to 3 distinct profiles you can switch among at will, classified M1 thru M3. There are six buttons for macros or something else you care about the application there at the far left.


The Lenovo Y’s fine characteristic is its ability to file macros at the fly some distance and away. Doing so is extraordinarily easy: just hit the file button, assign a macro button, report your series and tap the macro button over again. This makes it extraordinarily clean to application macros during real recreation play while not relying upon arcane button mixtures or intrusive software programs. Some Logitech and Corsair keyboards provide this functionality as well. However, it is now not a conventional trait.

Beyond that, there’s not plenty of hobbies in this peripheral. You may download a software program for the Lenovo Y, but all it does is let you edit macros or re-assign the macro keys, in addition, to adjust the lighting at the Y image within the center of the keyboard. (basically, it could pulse or now not pulse — take you to select.) You can’t sync up with different Lenovo Y peripherals, re-assign keys, or link profiles with a man or woman games of lights alternatives.

At least, the Lenovo Y can provide for gaming. I examined the keyboard with Star Wars: Battlefront, StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, upward thrust of the Tomb Raider, and superstar Wars: The Old Republic, and it accomplished nicely throughout the board, in large part due to its first-rate mechanical switches.

Bottom Line

The Lenovo Y is not an irredeemable keyboard by using any stretch. It’s relaxed for each typing and gaming, and I’ve encountered a lot worse macro capability is plenty of higher keyboards. however, that doesn’t change that it’s unsightly and extraordinarily confined compared to other keyboards within the same fee range. The Logitech Orion G610 ($120) and Corsair Strafe ($one hundred) characteristic real Cherry MX keys; the Razer BlackWidow ($120) has an awful lot greater strong software program. Nearly something would make an appearance more at home on your table.

If your Lenovo came with the Y as a percent-in, there is no reason to expire and buy something else unless you need something very precise for eSports or if the oversize keyboard actually won’t in shape in your gaming corner. Alternatively, if you’re just inside the market for a brand new keyboard and may pick something you need, you ought to possibly pick out something else.