Pen and tablet fail: floor pro 4 frustration forces go back to older seasoned 3 versions

Remaining yr I wrote approximately my floor seasoned three and thought it turned into the first-class laptop I ever owned. 3 months in the past, Microsoft sent along a floor seasoned four for me to test as a part of my Microsoft March madness test. I’m now convinced my floor pro 3 is the higher laptop and switched again earlier today.


What is frustrating about the floor seasoned four?

ZDNet’s Ed Bott these days posted his full Microsoft floor pro 4 evaluated and discussed many updates that Microsoft released during the last six months to make the surface pro for a better device than it became at release. In my reports, these updates have indeed progressed the steadiness of apps, the WiFi connection, and the potential of the floor seasoned 4 to characteristic as a primary laptop related to an outside show.

Maximum of my frustration comes when seeking to use the surface seasoned four as a cellular laptop. I bought the fingerprint-enabled kind cover lower back in October for my floor seasoned three, however, I have needed to inn to the use of my first technology type cover because the surface seasoned 4 refuses to paintings with this fingerprint-enabled kind cowl and the other most recent one without the fingerprint scanner. I tried eliminating and reconnecting it, updating drivers, and resetting the floor seasoned 4. A person on Twitter advocated I disable and disconnect the floor Pen, which seemed to paintings most of the time.

So without being able to use the Pen, these type cover keyboards are nonetheless most effective linked and carried out as designed about eighty percent of the time. The simplest way for me to use the Pen as intended turned into disconnecting the keyboard within the settings, reconnecting the Pen, after which use it. If I need to use the keyboard again, I should undergo the whole manner in reverse in the settings. This isn’t the way to have a functional pill and cellular computing revel in.

I also wanted to begin using the Pen extra with the floor pro four, so I decided just to set aside the kind cover and go along with the best Pen use when the surface seasoned 4 wasn’t docked. That turned into exquisite; besides, there is now not an auto-rotation button in the action middle. I searched throughout online, together with at the Microsoft site, and followed each recommendation to try to remedy the problem. I uninstalled the I2C hid device driving force within the tool supervisor, downloaded the MSI driving force bundle from Microsoft, and all the different recommendations with our success. I nonetheless can not get any auto-rotation to paintings at the floor pro four, and this becomes the straw that broke the camel’s lower back. I will not enter the display settings and manually rotate the display every time I rotate the device.

What’s better at the surface pro three?

While I purchased the floor pro 3, it became jogging home windows eight.1. Even with the home windows, 10 updates hooked up, the pen, keyboard, and rotation preserve to work flawlessly.

Further, to a higher tablet and pen revel in, I, in my view, choose the surface seasoned 3 docks in which you may without a doubt relax the pill into the frame piece and connect to an ideal experience. I bought, after which again, the most up-to-date surface Dock, but the performance turned into flaky and required me to extend the hinge to prop up the floor pro four.

There is supposed to be some adapter piece to use this dock with the floor seasoned 4. However, I nonetheless am not able to find where it can be purchased. I determined to set the surface seasoned four into the dock besides and even though it is not an ideal suit and you have to be cautious to line matters up, it really works extra reliably than the new floor Dock.

The floor pro 4 is a good device, and in case you in no way use the Pen or pill mode, you may be happy about it. I want a surface that shall be my work on my go back and forth, on my couch, on a plane, and commercial enterprise trips away from a dock or outside keyboard, so I am going again to the surface season three.