Google is editing its seek bar on its cellular web site

Google is well known to customize and tweak its UI in Android and in its suite of apps very frequently. The corporation has been checking out some new tweaks for its search bar within the state-of-the-art Android model.

According to Android Police, Google is experimenting a rounded search bar for its cell website online which resembles the search bar on the Pixel launcher. The enterprise is attempting to update and reshape the touch bar for a classy appearance. The UI modifications consist of colorful ‘G’ brand on the left and the address bar is pulled all the way down to the lowest of the screen. However, the tipster who got to look this alteration has best been capable of witnessing this alteration most effective within the incognito mode
Although, the Pixel launcher’s search bar already share the identical form and these days released Android P also supports the rounded layout factors. So, what do you suspect of this reportedly new look?

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