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Many cannabis users always contemplate the idea of growing their cannabis plants for recreational or medicinal use. There are multiple rewarding benefits of naturing your weed, from the seeds to the buds for personal or commercial use. If you want to nurture your cannabis plants from the beginning to the final harvest, you can use some tips from this guide. Cannabis seeds are now easily accessible in online cannabis seeds shops, either as regular, auto-flower, or feminized seeds. Finding quality cannabis seeds with good genes is not easy, but this guide will provide you with everything you need to know regarding buying cannabis seeds for growing.


Consider the legality of cannabis in your state.

Before everything else, you need to consider the legality of cannabis in your state. Note that different states have different degrees of weed regulations. Keep in mind that cannabis seeds are regarded as other cannabis products such as concentrates, flowers, or edibles. If you are in a location where medical marijuana is legal, you can buy feminized seeds usa if you have a medical card. If recreational marijuana is legal, you can also buy cannabis seeds within your state or online at a cannabis seed company website.

Then confirm the laws in your state regarding growing cannabis at home for personal use. If it is legal, then you can go ahead and purchase cannabis seeds to start the process.

Know what strain of cannabis you want

There are three strains of cannabis-cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica and cannabis Ruderalis. There are also the hybrid strains that combine either of the aforementioned. Begin by figuring out what you want to grow. To determine that, you need to know the benefits of each strain. Cannabis sativa strains produce more cerebral highs that can be mentally stimulating to the user. The cannabis Indica has more pronounced effects on the body resulting in pain relief, sedation, relaxation, and inducing sleep. The effects of the hybrid strain effects depend on the parent strains used to develop the hybrid, producing different effects. Generally, Sativa strains are more useful for recreational cannabis users, while Indica strains are more for medicinal use.

Understand the growing conditions of the specific strain you wish to grow

When you determine the specific strain you want to grow, research to know about its growing conditions. in most cases, you will find a general guideline for growing cannabis. Still, there are always specific growing needs unique to every strain. For example, if you would like to grow your cannabis outdoors, then you need to research the particular types of cannabis seeds that will do well in your climate. Some strains will do perfectly well in some areas, given the climate. If you would like to grow your cannabis indoors, you need to research the best seed type to do well in the growing environment you want to create.

Growing marijuana indoors gives you more flexibility as you control the growing conditions such as light and water. Therefore, you can choose any cannabis seeds to buy since the climate doesn’t limit your seed type.

Regular, feminized, or auto-flowering cannabis seeds

These three categories of cannabis seeds refer to the sex and maturation process of the cannabis plant. If you browse through the online website of Homegrown Cannabis Co, you will see cannabis seeds branded as either feminized, regular, or auto-flowering. When you germinate regular seeds, they result in different sexes, some male some female plants. When growing regular seeds, you need to be careful to eliminate the male plants to prevent female plants’ pollination. When female cannabis plants get fertilized, they grow low-quality buds full of seeds. Also, it would help if you bought many of them since they may produce more males than females.

Feminized seeds result in female plants unless there are hermaphrodites (female cannabis plants with pollen sacs). Therefore, feminized seeds are easier to manage because you won’t have to worry about removing the male plants before they pollinate the females. However, you must pay attention to remove any hermaphrodites that come up.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are more advantageous in the growth cycle. When you are growing cannabis, you should adjust the light levels to induce the flowering process. However, auto-flowering cannabis plants naturally flower when they reach a certain age, so you don’t have to control their lighting conditions. They are genetically made since they originate from the northern parts where there is no much light. Hence, they naturally adapt to low light conditions.

Buy good quality cannabis seeds.

You will hear growers talk about stable or unstable genetics in cannabis. Instable means that the origin of the seeds is unknown. When buying a packet of cannabis seeds, ensure it indicates the seeds’ origin and the cross-breeding procedure to produce those seeds. That is because some unscrupulous breeders will breed a random male seed with a good feminized seed and sell the resulting seed without determining if it has quality genes or not.

But with professional breeders, always take time to cross-breed different strains to test and stabilize the genetics and make sure they come up with a good quality of cannabis seed genetics. Another way of obtaining quality cannabis seeds is by buying from a reputable company. Read the website reviews and do a background check before purchasing.

The number of seeds to buy

Like any other seeds, when you pant cannabis seeds, some of them may not germinate. So as you buy them, factor in those that won’t germinate and buy some more. Roughly ¼ of what you put into the ground may not germinate even if you buy from a reputable breeder. If you are purchasing regular seeds, you need many of them because most of them may be male plants that are not useful. If you buy feminized seeds, all of them will be female flowering plants, so you only need to consider those that won’t germinate.

The takeaway

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, you need to be careful and do much research beforehand. Buying cannabis seeds online is more comfortable since it always supplements you with guides on the specific seed types and how to grow them. First, however, ensure it is a reputable company if you want high-quality cannabis seeds.