Asus’ FPS-counting gaming video display units assist you be a smooth operator

Asus has unleashed a trio of recent monitors aimed toward game enthusiasts, consisting of a pair of 24-inch displays and a bigger 28-inch model.

Allow’s begin with the huge fella, the Asus MG28UQ, which offers a 28-inch show with a 4K decision (3840 x 2160), giving a pixel density of 157 PPI. It is a TN panel, and the highlight here is a 1ms reaction time, and you additionally get a pair of USB three.0 ports that are brief-rate well matched so that you can pinnacle up your telephone’s juice while gaming.

The Asus MG24UQ is a smaller version of this model with a 24-inch display retaining the identical decision, which, of course, gives it a notably better pixel density of 186 PPI.

Asus' FPS-counting gaming monitors help you be a smooth operator

But, this America the ante in phrases of photo first-class being an IPS panel with quoted viewing angles of 178 levels, although the response time is slower than the 28-inch version at 4ms.

Refreshing alternate

The 1/3 show is the MG248Q (pictured above), a 24-inch display screen, although that is a TN panel and doesn’t have a 4K resolution, alternatively dropping the res to full HD (1920 x 1080).

The draw for game enthusiasts here is a refresh fee of 144Hz (compared to 60Hz on the opposite monitors), coupled with a 1ms response time for clean body prices. Also, a word that everyone these video display units are loaded with adaptive sync tech, which objectives to get rid of display screen tearing and stuttering, again for smoother gaming.

Thanks to its refresh charge competencies, Asus further notes that the MG248Q is three-D-ready and well-matched with Nvidia’s three-D vision 2 wi-fi glasses.

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Greater Asus tricks are on board these types of monitors, including GamePlus, a button you could press to add in-game sweets like a body rate counter displaying what number of frames in line with the second you’re getting, a crosshair overlay that will help your purpose (for games or hardcore-kind sport modes that do not permit crosshairs), and additionally a timer (which could be beneficial for such things as timing spawns).

There also are unique GameVisual show modes tailoring the photo for particular genres along with shooters and RTS, plus you may use Asus App Sync to hyperlink sure games to display modes, so the screen will intelligently transfer to an appropriate mode whilst you fireplace up the name of responsibility or something.
Ultimately, all of these models have ergonomic stands which offer tilt, pivot, and swivel changes, and you could modify the height as nicely.

The Asus MG28UQ and MG24UQ 4K monitors are out now, even though only the previous appears to be had online in the interim as of the time of writing, and is priced around £400 (approximately $570, AU$735). The MG248Q is anticipated to land later this month.