Mac Anti Virus – How to Secure Your Mac OS and Get Rid of the Latest Trojan

Using an Anti Virus for Mac system is not uncommon anymore. Until some years back, Mac viruses, malware, adware, and other malicious items were almost impossible to find, but now hackers target the Mac OS very aggressively. Graet New

Mac Anti Virus - How to Secure Your Mac OS and Get Rid of the Latest Trojan 1

Recently we heard of a new Trojan horse that tried to attack a good number of Mac systems. This Trojan tried to trick the user into buying a fake antivirus for Mac by making the user believe that his/her system had been infected with malware. As this malware is installed, various pornographic sites open up, and you get pop-ups to upgrade to the latest version of this software so that your credit card information can be recorded. Though one of the good things about this Trojan was that it was unable to install itself, many Mac users became a victim of this malware.

Getting rid of this Trojan

It is also known as Mac Defender, Mac security, or other similar names. It is quite easy to get rid of this malware because it runs in the background, and you are promoted to install it. Therefore, youu can easily remove it by following this procedure.

Open the activity monitor and find any of these names like Mac security, Mac defender, etc.
Select it and click “quit process” or select “force-quit” if required.
Go to the download/application folder and locate the installer file. Move this file to the trash and then empty the trash.
Go to Account and select system preferences. Remove all instances of this Trojan from the Login items as well.
Some easy Tips to keep your Mac system secure

Though Apple makes it a point to open only safe files, your system cannot judge if the file is really safe. So itt is better to disable this feature by unchecking this feature in Safari’s Preferences.
Another important point that must be kept in mind is that various programs are downloaded automatically when you are using the internet. It is always a good practice to manually install every new program. This trick is useful not just for Mac systems but for Windows also to some extent.
Anti Adware, Anti viruses and other internet security tools are available for Mac also, therefore, it is better to install a good Mac Antivirus, an Internet protection tool for Mac from a reputed brand, so that your system remains protected all the time.
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