Take the Mystery Out of How to Attract Beautiful Women


It would help if you got rid of your fear of approaching beautiful women. How do you do this? You need to change your mindset. You must first realize and accept that a beautiful woman is still just a woman. Often beautiful women don’t even realize how beautiful they are. You must also realize that a lot of beautiful women don’t get approached by men. Men think these women are ‘out of their league.’ Therefore, they are afraid to approach them. Change your mindset and realize that beautiful women want a stable, fun, interesting guy like every other woman out there. They aren’t interested in the over strutting alpha male. They aren’t interested in the self-centered, good-looking guy who always winds up in competition with her for everyone’s attention. The beautiful woman does not want a jealous man. By changing your mindset and realizing that beautiful women want good fun guys, you will realize that you can approach them and not out of your league.

 Attract Beautiful Women


Now that you’ve changed your mindset, you need to learn how to approach and flirt with your attracted woman. Approaching her starts with you attracting her attention. How do you do this? With your body language. Your body language must show that you are confident and safe. This means head up, shoulders back, comfortable pace. You must not scurry around with your head down nor strut like a peacock. Walk into the place with confidence, taking up space, and you will attract her attention.

Her attention is now on you. Make eye contact. Look deeply into her eyes and then look away. Shift slightly as though she’s made you a little ‘uncomfortable.’ You know what I mean. Wait a couple of minutes and look back at her. Make eye contact again but this time, look away quickly. Act like you don’t want her catching you looking at her, but in truth, that is exactly what you want. Now walk up to her and ask her name. Remember her name. Use it. Ask if you can join her; if she’s receptive and says yes, then start flirting right away with her. Use your body, lean in, casually touch her and then pull back. Let your body start the flirting then, as the conversation is flowing, drop a verbal flirt or tease. Just enough to give her a hint that you may be interested but nothing blatant. Women, and this includes beautiful women, do not like the obvious. They love to be challenged. They want mystery and intrigue. Flirting with a woman should leave the woman wondering, is he interested or isn’t he.


The best way to attract a beautiful woman is by being a man of high social value. High social value shows the woman you have a personality that attracts people. It tells her you are in demand, and it tells her that you probably don’t need her. Like I said above, women love to be challenged, so if it appears that you don’t need her, she’ll be more interested. So whatt is high social value?

The man with high social value is the man who has a large group of friends and acquaintances. He is the man who is not alone in the bar. He easily flows from one group of people to another. He is a man who both men and women surround. A lot of people believe that these types of men are born that way. That they themselves can never achieve that level of social value. But this is not true. Any man can increase his social value. You do this by improving your communication skills, by learning to make every person in your group feel important, and by being confident.

Start building your offline social circle. Do this by going out after work with the group. Please do this by inviting a friend or two out as a group and by asking them to invite others. Then take the time to talk to the people in the group. Don’t just stick to the one or two people you know. Talk to everyone. Show interest in their day, their lives, their occupations, and so on. As your social circle grows, so does your social value. For example, beautifull women are attracted to men with high social value.

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A lot of guys think that going out with a group hinders their chances with a woman. This is not true; in fact, the exact opposite is true. So if you want to attract beautiful women, you’re best bet is to be a man of high social value. Go out in groups. Make sure there is a mix of ages and men and women in your group.

To attract beautiful women, you must first change your mindset. You must accept that a beautiful woman is just like any other woman. They want a man they can count on, one who is fun, a little daring but reliable. They are not out of your league. Once you’ve found the beautiful woman you want, learn to approach and flirt with her. Build your social value. Be a man of high social value, and you will attract beautiful women.

Meet Jesse Belyea. I’m just a simple guy who got tired of feeling like women had the upper hand. It never seemed to matter what I did, whose advice I followed; I was always falling flat on my face. So  I decided to do some research. I began to study how men and women communicate. I pulled together what I believe to be some of the most helpful, real advice that any man can use to get women on a more consistent basis.