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4 Simple Factors to Consider in Assessing an Internet News Blog for Reliability

There is no question to the ever-popular premise that the Internet is a quick source of condensed yet reliable information. Since people do not have to line up to the library for books that may be limited in quantity or pay for relatively expensive subscription fees for magazines tackling genres of all kinds when it comes to using the Internet, hordes of people have since switched their attention towards Internet usage in terms of their needs to have their questions answered. At the same time, people get to fulfill themselves through learning new kinds of information, from the trivial ones up to the most urgent items.


However, being a product of human innovation and a frequent subject of individual or collective manipulation, a deeper sense of assessment is needed to ensure that the veracity and integrity of information coming through the Internet are preserved. Yet, the devolution of information dissemination on the Internet has led to the emergence of new platforms, particularly the Internet news blog. Containing information on various topics ranging from the latest trends in certain genres up to information containing the most pressing issues, information dissemination through such format has reached the personal scale, which may somewhat be exposed to the perils of sensationalism, social prejudice, political bias, and anything that promotes one-sidedness. Stated below are 4 simple factors that you must consider when assessing whether an Internet news blog is reliable or not.

Factor # 1: Latest Updates

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Information should always have something to do with relevance to the current state of affairs. As it exists right now, the Internet is used by people precisely to learn more about the latest news on certain things that are of interest to them. So forknow whether the Internet news blog you are viewing is reliable or not, you should check how it updates its contents and see if those pertain to the latest updates happening in politics, showbiz, business, and the like.

Factor # 2: Information Veracity

Various topics can be found on Internet news blogs, granted that several contributors provide the lifeblood of those relatively new portals of information. To date, a number of those platforms are standing strong as of this writing because of the solid ground its contributors have provided. In return, those platforms have empowered people further through contributions in either textual or visual form. Yet, as mentioned earlier, information should be reliable, and another gauge that must be considered is the veracity of the information provided by the contributors. To check whether those various write-ups that you see on those platforms are verified by more trustworthy sources, indications in citations, bibliography listings, photos that are not manipulated by any graphics editing program, and others that would prove information veracity should be present within the blog entries. Also, you should know how to read between the lines – an invaluable trait that helps sift out potentially misleading statements containing personal opinions, satire, and the like when reading blog entries.

Factor # 3: Eclectic Topic Choices

As in all kinds of written content, it is not enough that reliable sources verify topics. It is also important that topics should cover areas of general interest, ranging from entertainment news and trivia, issues in politics and business, music chart-toppers and up-and-coming acts, publications connected to several genres, and the like. The credibility of an Internet news blog is also reliant on its provision of several topics that could capture the attention of people who have several interests, which are, of course, pertinent to existing facts and not towards unfounded biases.

Factor # 4: Options for Spreading the Word

Information should not just be left stagnant. Rather, it should be spread through the efforts of people who have come across it so that the value thereof would not be put to waste, provided that it is deemed worthy of being distributed. Since it is straightforward to circulate information on the Internet, Internet news blogs should be incorporated with convenient options for spreading the content those platforms contain. Social media plugins or even the provision of shortened URLs should exist within content pages of Internet news blogs to share information that they deem useful to other people using the Internet.

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