Different Types of Bloggers

There are different types of people that blog, creating about ten types of bloggers. With the amount of information on the internet, there is so much information listed on various sites that there are different reasons for people to create blogs.


The first type of blogger is a good person that will ask permission to reprint an article with a bio link to your site. They take the time to be courteous and respectful to others.

The second type of blogger is a good person who republishes an article without permission but still links to the original article. They take the time to show a lesser amount of respect for others.

The third type of blogger is the good person that writes about something someone else writes, puts a spin on the original article, and places a link to the article within their blog site.

The fourth type of blogger is the okay person who blogs about another blogger and links the original article and blogger’s commentary. This type of blogger fails to give more credit to the original creator of the information.

The fifth type of blogger is the bad person who blogs about another blogger’s information but only links the blog site back to them and does not link the original information to their blog.

The sixth type of blogger is the bad person who blogs on a topic and then attributes their blog as their own idea. This is a nasty habit to do in any written form. It is so close to being a form of plagiarism, yet most people will not do too much about this situation when it happens, so the blogger will not have any repercussions from their actions.

The seventh type of blogger is the nasty person that blogs a republished article without any permission, link, or mention of the original author of the information. It is outright copyright infringement at the highest level.

The eighth type of blogger is the nasty person the blogs similar to #7 but inserts contextual links and content to other sites without any relevance have links on their site even though there is seriously little traffic. The nerve of someone doing this is an actual standard with many bloggers.

The ninth type of blogger is the strange people who blog without any facts relative to the topics yet present the information in a manner as completely proven facts. They seem to thrive on false information to have a blog site. They fail to list the right names of organizations, subject matter, and other important relationships to the information.

The tenth type of blogger is the dumb person that blogs “just because everyone else is doing it.” They may write informative articles and posts, yet they do not keep the site current, pretty much abandoned at times, then write occasionally with a completely different topic. At one point, they try to tie the new post to the older postings. It is a confusing blog site.

When you create a blog site, it requires a good blogger that gives credit to all the sources if you use another’s material. Make a good reputation for yourself with the content of your blog.