Mobile Analytics – Get Insights Into the Performance of Your Mobile Offering

In this fast-moving world, there is an impending need to access information and make decisions anytime and from anywhere. Mobility spearheads this transformation by putting businesses on the move, helping them connect with customers, partners, employees, and machines 24×7. Companies are offering mobility services across a wide variety of handheld devices: from smartphones, tablets, infotainment gadgets, biometric devices, digital TVs, and set-top boxes to digital cameras, USB & Wi-Fi enabled digital photo frames and various IP Phones.

Mobile Analytics

Some of these services include:

• Mobile strategy, application development, and life cycle management
• Cloud integration, platform porting, and migration
• Middleware media integration
• Mobile enablement for Business Intelligence and Analytics
Mobile applications QA and testing
• Performance optimization
• Wireframe design, usability, and GUI engineering
• IoT and connected devices implementation

The Need for Mobile Analytics

Trillions of bytes of data in the form of images, videos, app data, business transactions, GPS information, and social media updates are being created as the number of mobile devices skyrocket. To get the most from these large amounts of data, managing, monitoring, and analyzing such data through mobile analytics becomes inevitable. Through mobile analytics, enterprises can achieve important and useful insight into a wide variety of business-critical activities, helping them transform how they do business and thus achieve a competitive edge by offering unique customer experiences.

Also, as the world becomes more global, enterprises are spreading their wings across several geographic locations. Users expect to have full access to real-time information in this global age and want to be well-connected and informed round-the-clock. Through mobile analytics, enterprises facilitate quick and seamless sharing of vital information, thereby connecting employees with customers and improving business productivity in the long run.

Mobile Analytics Benefits

Through mobile analytics, enterprises can achieve a plethora of benefits. Let’s look at a few:

• Access to Real-Time Data: Mobile analytics enables users to have access to real-time data. This ensures users are updated with the most recent data, which helps them make timely, accurate decisions.

• Insight into Marketing ROI: Using mobile analytics, organizations can track, measure, and monitor crucial metrics across mobile websites and apps for various form factors. Analysis of these metrics enables organizations to understand the contribution of mobility to their bottom line and get an insight into the ROI of their mobile marketing investments.

• Measure App Performance: Mobile analytics enables organizations to understand how successful their mobile offerings are, thereby helping them prioritize investments for the future. By measuring only those mobility metrics that matter, enterprises can understand usage patterns of their apps, giving them a clear understanding of mobile engagement and enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

• Optimize User Engagement: Mobile analytics helps organizations measure app usage metrics like monthly active users, new users, etc., and get information on app revenue. By tracking key app-related trends, organizations can make crucial decisions to increase user engagement and monetize their apps.

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• Analyze Mobile Activity: Mobile analytics provides enterprises with the ability to explore and analyze digital data. Such analysis helps understand the usage patterns of mobile offerings and enables enterprises to revamp their strategies based on the success and failure of the current offering.

• Optimize Mobile Campaigns: Using mobile analytics, organizations can see how their mobile campaigns are working. They can track conversion and sales data generated through the mobile channel, compare it with other channels and devise necessary strategies to improve transactions.

Augment Customer Experiences

Mobile technology plays a significant role in business life, allowing enterprises to empower employees and understand customers like never before. Offering rich tools and reporting capabilities, mobile analytics enables personalized interactions with customers. By understanding the ROI of a mobile investment and optimizing mobile strategy, organizations can make customer experiences worthwhile with mobile analytics.

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