Steps To Choose Bloggers to Write and Work With Your Brand

The use of a blog is one big step many businesses employ to push awareness for their brand. This is important because blogging easily connects with the audience.

Apart from the connection, the brand or business can save advertising cost because blogging can create more awareness at a lower cost.

If you are a brand or a business that readily wants to take advantage of blogging then it is important you understand how to choose the right blogger for promotion. The following are steps to choose the right bloggers to work with.

Finding bloggers with loyal audience

The first step to choose the right blogger that would write for your brand is to look for bloggers who already have loyal following with the niche or topic you want to promote. This is important because the loyal audience is already having the emotional connection with the blogger.

A loyal audience also means that the blogger is seen as a professional in the field. So, use loyal audience as signal to choose bloggers.

Create a blogging standard to be met by the blogger

You may find two or more bloggers with strong loyal following, and this may pose a selection challenge for you. However, you can ease your way into the selection process by setting up a standard to be met. If any of the bloggers meets the criteria you have set, then you most definitely can decide to choose him or her.

By creating a standard you are looking at one or more of the following the expertise of the blogger, the passion, the interaction rate, the engagement rate, the number of social followers, the frequency of the posts shared, etc.

Outline the blogging specifics

You should outline the blogging specifics for the bloggers you want to employ. This should be properly communicated so that each party has a WIN WIN situation.

For instance, the blogging should know if he is going to post or share a minimal number of blog posts for a certain period, he should be aware of his duties if he is going to share or leave comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

More so, the blogger must be clear about what he stands to gain in each effort he makes.

Conclusively, these are steps you may want to consider when choosing a blogger to create and share posts for your brand’s promotion. These are not the ultimate list but it should give you a picture of the basics to choose the best brand promotion bloggers out there.

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