A Muslim Fashion Blogger With a Fierce Message

Claim to Fame Ms. Katebi is the brains at the back of the politically charged style weblog, Joojoo Azad, wherein she describes herself as a “sarcastic (and angry) Muslim-Iranian creative and network organizer.” The website online regularly casts a spotlight on reductive media representations of hijab-wearing Muslim ladies and the environmental implications of patterned rompers. “The electricity of how you dress and put up your body to public consumption certainly informs the manner human beings engage with you,” she stated.

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During a January look on WGN News Chicago, Big Break, to promote her self-posted pictures e-book, “Tehran Streetstyle,” Ms. Katebi become requested approximately Iran’s nuclear weapons and instructed, “you don’t sound like an American” via the show’s hosts. (The anchors later privately called her to apologize.) A clip of the interview became a Twitter phenomenon and was mentioned by using guides such as Glamour and The Guardian. “I suppose it turned into refreshing for human beings to look at someone of color having a moment of truth on television,” she stated.

Latest Project Her next media venture, Joojoo Journal, which she describes as a “multilingual, multimedia e-book where diasporic, marginalized and ‘subaltern’ voices are uplifted,” goes live in April. “I want to be able to paintings at once with people in locations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Greece who in any other case don’t have to get admission to stores,” she said.

Next Thing She is starting a co-op sewing challenge in Chicago to help immigrant seamstresses team up with small-scale fashion houses. The mission’s first purchaser can be herself: a unisex garb brand that she is designing. “We constantly think about androgyny as masculine, so I want to create androgynous garb that uses a woman’s body as a template,” she stated.

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American Woman Ms. Katebi has publicly taken issue with the artist Shepard Fairey’s poster of a female wearing an American flag as a head headband. “The simplest time you notice a Muslim woman’s face everywhere is whilst it is created employing a white American man,” she stated. “We as Muslims are continuously seeking to prove that we’re American enough and that we should wrap this united states’ flag around us to be established.”

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