Mobile Apps – Free In 2016

According to an expert, out of 45.6 billion mobile applications downloaded this year, 90 percent are free. This trend leaves a big challenge for the developers who are planning to bring the next mobile app to the market, as they should highly consider an in-app purchase model. It is expected that in 2016, people will download nearly 309 billion applications, of which 93 percent will be free.

Mobile Apps

Another research says that most paid applications cost $3 each, hence like free downloads, low-cost apps will also drive the maximum downloads. Besides, 87.5 percent of paid apps downloaded this year have a price between 99 cents to $2.99, which will become 96 percent by 2016. However, this trend for free or cheap downloads cannot force the developers to sell spare stuff. In contrast, they can provide free downloads by charging some amount to unlock specific features, to get add-on content, or to allow users to the software beyond a trial duration. According to a famous company, the market for in-application purchases will be $5.6 billion in 2015. Experts are confident about the revenue-generating apps, and many companies expect that the in-app purchasing will be 30 percent in 2016. In contrast, in terms of store revenue, it will be 41 percent. Microsoft Windows also supports in-app purchases; hence, the developers are very hopeful, but they have to develop high-performance and attractive designs.

Apple is the most popular, having the biggest market share for such apps, whereas other names include Google and Microsoft. However, they have a big competition with other providers as Amazon and Facebook. Amazon is a globally powerful brand, and it has high-quality content, whereas Facebook has its own center for such apps, and it’s getting popular due to its main role in social networking. According to an expert in China, there is a big market of android stores due to the absence of weak stores from service providers. Experts predict that in 2013 alone, more than 73 billion mobile applications will be downloaded in the whole world, and 90 percent will be free. In 2014 the number will become 119.8 billion, whereas in 2015, it will be 188.9 billion, and 287.9 billion in 2016, the percentage of free downloads will increase one percent each year. All these figures have motivated the developers to make new marketing strategies to increase the sales of such apps. To enjoy the latest mobile apps, you should buy China phones because they are cheap but offer the best features, just like branded phones. You must explore to know more about its variety in the form of gadgets, electronics, accessories, and several other products.

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