Forecast 2014-2016 for the Global Mobile Apps Market

More and more companies are developing mobile Apps to improve the functions and activities that users can access from their phones. Mobile application development is focused on areas such as accessing information with ease, using multiple features to use information and also transfer it along with data.Forecast 2014-2016 for the Global Mobile Apps Market 1

Drivers for Growth:

The forecast for the mobile application market is really good till 2016 – one of the many drivers is the rising number of tablet computers and smart phones. With the increase in these numbers, it is only natural for the number of applications and downloads to rise exponentially. The demand for free mobile application development is also rising.

Business Applications:

As far as companies and the mobile application market is concerned, organizations look forward to using applications like WebEx meeting developed for the iPhone. It makes video conferencing easy especially with the built in camera and available mobile broadband connection. With such innovations and many others in the pipeline, companies are finding it easier to hold meetings and conferences from different locations with ease. The number of applications being developed for Businesses are now in the range of 12 -15%. The demand for business mobile apps will only rise further to keep pace with the demand in enterprise application.

Challenges in Mobile Application Development:

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Currently, one of the biggest challenges in the market is the inability of software development companies to come up with mobile apps which will work across different OS platforms. Most applications are being developed for a specific OS platform. There are quite a few studies which offer insights into different aspects of the mobile apps market, along with an analysis of what vendors should invest in. Some of the key vendors who dominate the current market are Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nokia and Blackberry. Other vendors who play an important role are Archos AppsLib, Amazon Appstore, Crackberry Store, Dell Mobile Apps Store, Handster, Pocket Gear and the Samsung Apps Store.

Important Questions to consider:

What is the market outlook over the next 2 years? What growth rate can be expected?
Key Market trends and market drivers
Key vendors and their role
What opportunities and disadvantages are being faced by key vendors and what should be expected?
What are the visible strengths and weaknesses of key vendors?
According to one analyst, most of the mobile application development is done with emphasis on improving available functions on a mobile device. Many companies are using these apps for improved access to customers and improved business outcomes.

Carrie Miller has been working with Zealous System – A mobile application development company for around 5 years. She is an mobile application developer with a keen eye for machines. It is understandable and logical for Mozilla to want to increase its presence in other spheres and try to establish a presence on Android – one of the most popular OS.